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IMPORTANT ! DeviantArt account change :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 0 0 Chimeral LOGO - Name and account change :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 0 0 Aion Cosplay - WIP armor :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 3 0 Aion Cosplay - WIP Epaulet :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 3 0 Nanatsu no Taizai Cosplay Group :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 1 0 Okami Cosplay - Shiranui humanized 01 :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 4 0 Okami Cosplay - Divine instruments :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 20 6 Okami Cosplay - WIP giant brush :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 11 1 Okami Cosplay - WIP shoes :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 2 0 Okami Cosplay - Amaterasu humanized 03 :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 9 3 Aion Cosplay - WIP Epaulet :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 1 0 Aion Cosplay - WIP breastplate :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 4 0 Okami Cosplay - Amaterasu humanized 02 :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 5 0 Cosplay Shyvana - LoL 06 :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 16 0 Okami Cosplay - Amaterasu humanized 01 :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 19 2 Cosplay Sice and Deuce - FF Type0 :iconbakasheep-sushi-camo:BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo 4 2


------------- ENGLISH (then FR) --------------
IMPORTANT - Name change !
NEW DEVIANTART ACCOUNT HERE : chimeral-cosplayart.deviantart…
A LIRE - Changement de nom !
NOUVEAU COMPTE DEVIANT ART ICI : chimeral-cosplayart.deviantart…

[Sorry in advance for all English mistakes xD]
After several months of reflection I decided to change name for several reasons. It's gonna be weird at first, clamps for you than for me but we will take the habits!
I keep the logo of the sheep in profile picture a few weeks, until everyone is aware about the change.

• Bakasheep is a name which is almost 10 years old (since the opening of my first website), which was a crazy with my best friend. I'm so tied but the image of the sheep, does not correspond to me. You must have seen that I appreciate the carnivorous animals like dragons, wolves and others (*Graou!*) thus the sheep is not really like that xD

• So I looked up a name in connection with the animals to which I identify with and I have think about the "Chimera". 
The Chimera is a mixt of a dragon (or a snake), a lion and a goat (which can spit flames *mwahaha* yes it is important!).
The Chimera has a link with the fantastic universe, and the word also indicates something unreal (art, imaginary, unreal, and all this).

• In brief, all this brings us to "Chimeral CosplayArt". I think chimeral is fairly easy to remember, short and without spelling complicated. And CosplayArt informs at once about the content of the page. (Chimer' art being unfortunately already took *cry*)
Finish with "Al" reminds me the adjective concerning the chimeras (chimeric is the real word), it reminds me the word "astral" and it sounds good for a name.

The "novel" is finished, congratulations to those who have read everything !
EDIT : I forgot to specify, an important information ............ you are and will always remain " The pack ", except that you are now brave chimeras! Haha.

----------------- FRENCH/Français -------------------
Après plusieurs mois de réflexion j'ai décidé de changer de nom pour plusieurs raisons. Ça va faire bizarre au début, autant pour vous que pour moi mais on s'y fera !
Je laisse le logo du mouton en image de profil quelques semaines le temps que tout le monde soit au courant du changement de nom. 

• Bakasheep est un nom qui a presque 10 ans (depuis l'ouverture de mon premier site), qui partait d'un délire avec ma meilleure amie. J'y suis donc attachée mais l'image du mouton ne me correspond pas. Vous avez dû voir que j'apprécie les animaux carnivores, dragons, loups et compagnie (*Graou!*) donc le mouton ... c'est pas tellement ça xD 

• J'ai donc cherché un nom en rapport avec les animaux auxquels je m'identifie le plus, et m'a réflexion m'a amenée à la Chimère (en anglais Chimera). 
La Chimère est un mélange de dragon (ou serpent selon les illustrations), lion et chèvre (qui peut cracher des flammes mwahaha oui c'est important!).
La chimère a un lien direct avec l'univers fantastique, et le mot désigne aussi quelque chose d'irréel dans son autre signification (art, imaginaire, irréel, et tout ça).

• Bref, tout ça nous amène à "Chimeral CosplayArt". Je pense que Chimeral est assez facile à retenir, court et sans orthographe compliquée. Et CosplayArt renseigne tout de suite sur le contenu de la page. (Chimer'art étant malheureusement déjà prit *sniiif*)
Terminer par "Al" me rappelle l'adjectif concernant ce qui est relatif aux chimères (le vrai mot étant chimérique), ça me fait penser à "astral" et ... ça sonne plutôt bien pour un nom).

Le pavé est fini, félicitation à ceux qui ont tout lu !
EDIT : J'ai oublié de préciser une information importante ............ vous êtes et resterez toujours "La meute", sauf que vous êtes maintenant de vaillantes chimères ! haha.


BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Since 2013, year of cosplay's discovery, this activity quickly became a passion. Based on the creation, cosplay allows a multitude of activities: sewing, making objects, photography and role playing ... And community is really nice.
I still continue to do photography and drawing when the tight schedule allows it :)

Thank you in advance for your comments and support !
**You can follow all news on my facebook page : Chimeral CosplayArt


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Faol-bigbadwolf Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Et merci pour le ouatch, petit mouton stupide !
BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:happybounce: Baka Emote- Shocked :happybounce: 
Au fait, ne nous mange pas xD
Faol-bigbadwolf Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Muabuahbuahbuahbuaaaaaah, je vais tous vous manger Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - New Foxy Icon 
nintentofu Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Good morning to you both!

Hope you two don't mind, though I've featured your works within this Month's Artist Community Showcase!…

You two create amazing art and it's a pleasure to share your creations within the community!
nintentofu Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Greetings and good evening Maeva and Thomas!

Thank you very much for adding me to your watchlist!  Really means a lot to me to have your support!  :)  Also Welcome to DeviantART by the way!  If you honestly ever have any questions on the site with functions, settings, etc, please always feel free to ask!

Thanks again, and wish for you both the best!
BAKASHEEP-Sushi-Camo Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
We resend your thanks.
Thank you
for your interests on our deviantART account and for your help.
I hope your new page on retro gaming will work!

nintentofu Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you!  That truly means greatly to me!  I'm hoping for the best with it also.  :D
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